Sprzątanie Warszawa


1.The car does not turn on at all? Nothing is working

                 Check the wire connection on battery, and fuse.


2.The car doesn't turn only goes forward and back.

                We will have to send customer controller


3.F-12 does not turn off at all

               There is a switch under the dashboard, you simply need to turn off this switch


4.You can hear the motor running but, the wheels are not turning

               Please put the tire that has the rubber grip on the back left of the car when looking at the car, it connects to the motor.


5.Car does not work with remote? Remote is stuck

               The wrong wheel has been connected, costumer needs to connect correct wheel with grip on tire.


6.How to connect remote to 2.4 Bentley

               For RA models customers could have gotten the wrong remote from Factory . Send customer new remote.


7.How to connect remote to RA Bentley?

              Open seat, open black panel with four screws, customer will see black plastic part with big sticker on top where all the wires connect. They need to loosen two screws and get this panel in your hand. They will need to press the small button on the black part and keep holding it down, then turn on the car and then turn on the remote.


8.How to connect remote to Mercedes SLR

               Please see YouTube video


9.Harley issue. The light and the horn works but nothing else is happening?

         See video on YouTube.



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