Digital Body Fat Scale + Weight with LCD Screen


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Digital Body Fat Scale + Weight with LCD Screen

Digital Body Fat Scale + Weight with LCD Screen
Product Code: BF801-BK2
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    1.5" Digital LCD display
    Size: 12.6 x 12.6 x 0.79 inch (32cm x 32cm x 2cm)
    Net weight:1.93kg
    Body fat division:0.1%
    Water division:0.1%
    Mode: Adult,Child (age 6-100, Height80-220cm)
    10 person memory
    Height unit:cm/ft-in
    Weight unit:kg/st/lb
    Equipped with 4 precision strain gauge sensor
    Working environment:Temperature:0-40° C/32-104° F;Relative humidity<85%
    Automatic zero resetting & switch off
    Low battery & Overload indicator
    Operates with 3 x 1.5V AAA battery (Included)

Measures Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle and Bone Mass
In your battle to stay fit, the more information you have, the better your chance of victory. The BF801-BK2 Electronic Body Fat Scale is your secret weapon in this never ending battle. In addition to your weight, this scale will also measure your Body Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass and Muscle Mass.

Great Technology at a Great Price
This Digital Body Fat Scale employs the same BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology found in more expensive scales you see in the market. BIA is the process of using a very light electrical impulse to measure the amount of Body Water and Body Fat in your body. It's advanced integrated circuitry then uses this data to figure your Bone Mass and Muscle Mass. Operates in either Normal or Athlete mode (for those who work out 10 or more hours per week)

KCAL(Calorie) Display-Daily Caloric Reference
Based on custom user data, this scale will calculate the amount of daily calories necessary to maintain your current weight. (note: KCAL = Calorie)

User Friendly-Easy Access Control Buttons
This Digital Body Fat Scale makes your weighing experience quick and easy. You don't need to bend down and click a switch to turn on this scale. Control buttons are easily manipulated with your big toe. Simply tap the on/off control button and the large easy to read LCD Reverse Backlit LCD instantly responds. Programming user height and age values has never been easier.

Easy to Read-Large Reverse Back-lite LCD
If you or your family member has ever struggled to read numbers from an LCD, the BF801-BK2 is the scale for you. Quickly get measurements in any light condition. The soft glow emitted by the Reverse Backlit LCD looks great in the dark and makes reading weight a snap for young and old alike.

Save Time-Store up to 10 Individual Users
No need to enter your custom data each time you weigh. Just program This Digital Body Fast Scale can store customized data for up to 10 different users.

Minimalist Design-Timeless Style
The BF801-BK2's smooth monolithic design will compliment your home's decor and be a stylish addition to your bathroom for years to come.
Operating Instructions:
Step 1. Press the platform center and Remove your foot
Step 2. "0.0" will be displayed
Step3. The scale will switch off and now ready for use

The initialization process must be repeated if the scale in moved. At all other times step straight on the scale

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